Heather Blog Profile

Looking for easy family recipes? Meal planning tips? Tips on how to engage kids in the kitchen? Great! That’s exactly what I’m here to help you with.

Launched in 2016, The Messy Little Kitchen was created to document the learning, organizing, and change happening within our home as we moved from being a double income couple, to a single income family on a budget with a taste for delicious food and a desire for organized and fun living. Recipes and meal planning are achievable during nap times!

Who Is Heather?

I am a food loving nutritionist and teacher helping busy families learn to master meal planning and begin cooking family friendly meals together. I’m also a mom, a career person, and my family and I want to be able to eat dinner together every night, without feeling stressed. We all just want to be able to come to the dinner table, enjoy the moments that really matter, and have a meal together. I started this blog to document my recipe and meal planning strategies that I have come to rely on and that became my focus and passion projects after being not having a job to return to post-maternity leave. 

I continue to remain active professionally as a member of Ontario College Teachers as a certified teacher. 


Work With Me

You have come to the right place. I have years of experience as a nutritionist, foods teacher and as a home cook trying to find a system for feeding my family. During that time I’ve developed a unique expertise in meal planning, created kitchen short-cuts, and I’ve explored meal preparation options to make getting food on the table a breeze. My goal is to help you find food that makes you and your family healthy, happy and that you can get on the table (with their help) quickly. I will offer you strategies, meal planning ideas, easy recipes, and ways to simplify and enjoy meal times. The Messy Little Kitchen is your ultimate guide to meal planning, meal preparation and living well.

This site is full of ideas on how to begin the meal planning process, as well as easy recipes that include tips on how kids (or other family members) can help in the kitchen. We also share tips on preparing meals in advance and make your own freezer meals (for those days when you just don’t have time, or want to, make something from scratch. 


Cooking & meal planning together as a family. Make meal planning easy! Share the joy of cooking together. Busy families can create easy, healthy meals. And engage kids in the kitchen.