Favourite Posts in 2016

Favourite Blog Posts in 2016 | House on the Hill

It feels like just yesterday (August 2016) when I entered into the blogging world. Initially, House on the Hill was a platform for me to explore doing a bit of freelance work, and the posts would expand on my experience & education in food, nutrition and family relations. But in a few short months it has turned into more than that, with page views each month in excess of what I ever imagined, leaving me both humbled and thrilled.

So, my first stop on this walk down memory lane is to thank each and every one of you for your comments, encouragement, for reading and sharing my blog posts, and for being a part of my online social media channels and communities (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest). I cannot express how truly grateful I am for your support!

As for what posts topped the list ... wowsers, you really love those sweets and meal planning articles! The numbers don't lie, so I present without further adieu, the top 5 House on the Hill blog posts of 2016:

  1. Grandma's Holiday Prize Cookies
    No surprise, Grandma's Holiday Prize Cookies take the cake, err... the blog. These cookies have been my favourite sour cream sugar cookie version for years, to which none other compares. I'm not at all surprised at how beloved they quickly became online accounting for almost 10% of my blog's total traffic since it's inception.

  2. Old Fashioned Molasses & Date Jam Sandwich Cookies
    Grandma wins again! This was another recipe handed down through the generations, and is like nothing I've ever quite come across out there as far as cookie recipes go. These are fabulous cookies, and more often than not my family would make these at Valentine's day, so be sure to pin or bookmark these for later - they make a perfect February sweet treat!
  3. Cinnamon Roll Apple Cobbler
    This was an impromptu recipe post inspired by our gorgeous fall weather this past year and the abundant apple harvest in Southern Ontario which just kept going and going well into November. A twist on an original recipe that makes it more decadent and irresistible.
  4. A Month of Breakfasts in 2 Hours
    Inspired by the chaos of leaving our summer schedule behind and going "back to school", this post focused on how to do 2 hours of baking & organizing in your kitchen to make breakfasts that would last a family of four for one month. Complete with a free printable Breakfast Menu Meal Plan, this was the first of more meal planning posts to come.
  5. How to Make Your Own Freezer Meals: Part 1
    Several people had asked me how I did my freezer meal planning and preparation (as our family often has at least one freezer meal per week). So, I began making notes on how I did this, and I soon discovered I had a lot of information to share! In fact, I had so many tips and ideas that I plan to bring you another freezer meals post in early 2017 as "Part 2" to this topic.

What was your favourite post of 2016?

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year and looking forward to many new and exciting directions for House on the Hill in 2017!