Walmart Grocery Pick Up for Busy Families

Walmart Canada Grocery Pick-up Service: A Review of the Walmart Grocery Pick-Up Service for Busy Families (not sponsored).

I have not been asked to write this post, nor have I been compensated for it in any way. This review provides my honest opinion about the Walmart Grocery Pickup service.

Since having my son, it has been an adjustment and adventure as to how to best balance my quality time with him at home, deciding how many errands and shopping excursions a toddler can tolerate, and offering him the chance to have time in developmentally appropriate programs. And to be fair, this little guy may have gotten some of his momma's genes and simply decided he doesn't have the patience for a lot of retail consumerism. Either way, when Loblaws announced their pick-up and collect option for groceries recently, and I heard mixed reviews, I didn't jump at using it. I wanted to be sure that when I pay for such a service it didn't leave me still having to make another trip where I would inevitably unload my child from the car seat, go into the store, and then fight to get kiddo back into the seat. Toddlers, right?! Also, I also didn't have a budget for regularly shopping at Loblaws given my maternity leave scenario.

However, when Walmart announced their Grocery Pickup service, and a friend indicated her order arrived in perfect condition, I decided to give it a try. I generally order produce through a cost-efficient box program that is delivered to my door (more on that later) or shop from a local farmer during growing season. But that still leaves me to shop at the grocery store for some of my cleaning supplies, dairy products, kid-specific snacks, and pantry items. (The rest I use Amazon Prime for and have it delivered also.) Having this twice a month grocery shopping venture taken care of through a Grocery Pickup program seemed like a great option, and the Walmart program did not disappoint.

Overview of the Grocery Pickup Program

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The program itself is pretty straight forward; you can either go to the website, or use their app on your mobile device to order your groceries. First, set up an account. Once set up, you can schedule your delivery day and time and then proceed to "shop". One thing to be aware of is that the earliest you can receive your items is the next day (not same day). Also, you must spend a minimum of $50 to be eligible to utilize this service.

When I first used Walmart Grocery Pickup, there was only an option to order on their web site, and I actually found 'searching' for items to be not as intuitive as you would assume (compared to larger internet search engines). However, over time either I have adapted, or the quality of the search function has improved. Lately, I've found it easy to navigate and I find the app (a recent addition in July 2016) to be even faster in locating and adding items to my cart. As you are shopping, you can "favourite" items that you know you buy frequently, such as milk and eggs for example. Moving forward, these items will always be available to you on a short list to quickly shop from. Be still my heart!

Once everything has been added to your cart, it's time to check out! I believe this past week was my 16th order, and grocery shopping possibly took me 10 minutes while having my coffee and following the crawl-a-holic around. 

An email is almost immediately sent confirming your order. For pick up, I have found that usually I get either a reminder email or call on the day of pick up. Pick up has always been prompt upon arrival; simply find the designated parking area for the Grocery Pickup service, call them (number is posted in the parking area), and you are usually happily pulling away after someone else has loaded your order into your vehicle within 5-8 minutes (and yes - I have timed it!). Sometimes an attendant may let you know that an item was not available for your order, and each time I am pleasantly surprised at the wonderful substitutions that have been made to ensure I don't have to make a trip elsewhere. One example was a box of crackers that I had ordered ended up being out of stock, and in place of this, two boxes were provided to me at no extra cost to ensure that they were a flavour I enjoyed. This has happened on multiple occasions, and what I appreciate about this level of customer service is not having to worry about another shopping trip for items, where I would inevitably need to wait in line (certainly a reason I became a customer to begin with!).

Another plus of the program is certainly the quality of the produce. On occasion my produce box may not have contained a cantaloupe. This particular food is a top choice at the moment for my toddler, and so I will indulge in occasional purchases of this (every.single.time). I can honestly say that when I have purchased the produce, the quality of it has been as superior as if I had selected it myself. Win!

Finally, the great prices that you see advertised in the flyer should also be available to you if you are purchasing via the Grocery Pickup program. On occasion I have noticed that prices have not matched up. In this scenerio, you should email Walmart Customer Service for Grocery Pickup at I do love a good bargain!


Unfortunately this service isn't at all Walmart locations yet, so I do find myself driving to a Walmart a bit of a distance away over the summer months while the daily work commute isn't happening. An area for growth for Walmart would be more pick-up locations, which the program is currently addressing as it gains momentum.

Overall, however, this service is wonderful and has certainly made family-life more efficient in my household. This is a definite asset for new parents, busy families (during the daily rush, or even en-route home from a trip), or really anyone who prefers not to stand in line. Our family can easily find enough things to purchase that amount to the $50 minimum once every two weeks. If you're looking for a way to gain back quality time and find some efficiency in your daily routine, try Walmart Grocery Pickup and see how it works for you!