House on the Hill Blog Relaunch: What, When + Why

House on the Hill Blog Relaunch

If you follow the House on the Hill Blog regularly, you may have noticed a few changes this past week on the web site, the Facebook page, and even in the descriptions on the social media channels. As many of you know, House on the Hill Blog started out as a forum for articles on food, DIY projects, and even family lifestyle reviews and resources.

Now things are going to start looking a little different around here, and I'm excited to tell you more about the changes that will be happening!  

What Changes Can We Expect?

First, however, I want to take a step back and explain the changes that will be happening. At the end of 2016, I looked carefully at the blog, which became far more than just a way for me to share my hobbies. I considered the comments and feedback I received from the community and was able to see that moving forward there was a great need for easy family recipes and meal planning resources, the same posts that were part of the top 5 favourite blog posts for 2016. Moving forward, these topics will become the foundation for the blog for fun recipes, kid-friendly meal ideas, and family-oriented meal planning resources. 

With these changes will come a new web site design, branded visuals, new photography and e-courses that will be launched hopefully by mid-2017. A free resource library will soon be available for email subscribers of the blog that will provide them with free meal planning tools & tips, as well as easy recipe ideas.

If you have previously enjoyed posts on DIY Projects and Family Lifestyle & Product resources and reviews, these posts will remain on the site (and may be occasionally have a post added to the collection) under the menu area called "BITES".  

Why the Change?

As a trained nutrition and foods teacher, I often wonder why is food and cooking not more approachable and understandable for people. We should all be learning how to cook and connect with our food and our families in the kitchen. Having grown up on a farm, producing and cooking is something everyone used to know how to do, and over the years as a society, we have come to rely increasingly on convenience foods. Our cooking and food skills - arguably our "life skills" - have been lost as home economics and foods classes were removed due to budget constraints within school budgets.

Recently in Ontario, Canada there have been petitions brought forward asking the government to introduce a mandatory food and nutrition course for all students at some point during their education. This has been gaining some additional traction with the visit from Jamie Oliver to Canada in October 2016 and his post about the work he did here while on his visit. However, this movement of asking for food skills to be part of the educational curriculum has been something that has been going on for decades in our province, which I have been witness to throughout my career within health education (as I have degrees in both Nutrition and Education) and the various advisory committees I partook in from 2002 onwards. It is now 2017 and there have been no changes made yet in the grander scheme of our education system, perhaps even steps backwards as I hear from colleagues about foods classes being closed down at their respective schools. 

Here we stand united - a group of busy, hungry people, wanting to have healthier lives & model these practices for our children. But we have also lost our abilities, our knowledge, and our freedom to create these meals. We are often left feeling helpless and discouraged in the kitchen. 

How Can We Come Back to the Kitchen?

I strongly believe there is a way to do this together, and that there is a way to learn how to cook in an online format, to make easy meals, to plan your family's weekly menus, and to include your kids in this process. It can be part of our regular lives, it can be fun & easy, and you can be engaged in this with your family, feel proud of it, and have a healthier life. 

I look forward to guiding you in this journey, and provided you with lots of great recipes, tips, and resources to make your family meals fast, easy and fun for everyone. 

Excited to Follow Along with my Brand Relaunch?

I will be updating my subscribers weekly with weekly emails and information about the relaunch process and what they can expect to find in the resource library. If you would like to sign up to be part of our subscription community, you can do so below!

Thank you for your continued support!