Kids in the Kitchen

Home Food Skills Education

As a nutritionist and certified food educator, my passion is teaching food and life skills in the kitchen to kids, teens, and even adults. I love helping people to connect with their food and feel empowered through cooking. My role involves supporting individuals and families in learning how to translate recipe and kitchen “overwhelm” into easy organizing strategies for meal planning and grocery shopping, and hands-on kitchen skills. Being an experienced home cook, nutritionist, and food and nutrition teacher gives me a unique edge. My classroom experience in teaching food, nutrition and cooking help me understand the challenges people have when it comes to planning meals and organizing their kitchens.



I love to teach and educate families about food and meal planning through a variety of formats to support diverse learning styles. This includes virtual food and cooking demonstrations, activity sheets to help teach your kids about food & cooking (coming soon), and introductory recipes designed specifically to help get kids engaged in the kitchen (coming soon).



I also love creating dynamic food and nutrition resources & curricula for clients. See what I can cook up for you!