Meal Services & Resources

Feeding our families is one of the most essential and important roles we share each day. Having food planned means having stress-free meals, as well as the occasional night off from cooking too! I look forward to sharing my everyday tips and resources for meal planning and creating your own convenience and freezer meals for those days when you need a break from your busy schedule.

I have years of experience as a nutritionist, foods teacher and as a home cook trying to find a system for feeding my family. During that time I’ve developed a unique expertise in meal planning, created kitchen short-cuts, and I’ve explored meal preparation options to make getting food on the table a breeze. My goal is to help you find food that makes you and your family healthy, happy and that you can get on the table (with their help) quickly. The Messy Little Kitchen is your ultimate guide to meal planning, meal preparation and living well.

As a trained nutritionist & food educator, I offer several levels of support, starting as low as $40 for a one-hour consultation to talk you through your immediate challenges, to helping you learn how to develop an ongoing plan that will work for you and your family (including how to meal plan, easy recipes, and strategies for ensuring we aren’t asking “what’s for dinner tonight?”). I also have packages where I can work with you to develop a personalized weekly meal plan, including a grocery list and tips for meal prep.

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